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At your Service

I can help you as Level - and Game Designer. Over my Career I had the opportunity to learn an array of tools and Programms, worked in many organisational forms whether its onsite or remote. I am a quick learner and adaptable, I can help you and your Team without a lengthy onboarding period.

Hands on Content Creation

Level Design

- Blocking to complete Missions

- Scripting in visual or textbased Editors

- World Building

- Quest Design from concept to final Product

I have worked with the most common Programms and Engines and am a fast and keen learner of new tools and processes. I can fit into whatever setup and tools you work in.

Game Design

-Feature Design Lead


-High level Vision

-Concept and Documentation

With my experience in Development I can help to shape the Vision for your Game, improve its Features or create Systems to complement your existing experience. As a Team leader I make sure that everyone shares the Vision and helps to create a coherent Featureset.


- Second to second and UX Design

- Documentation and Workflow 

- Brainstorming

- Sounding Board

I help with improving your existing Features whether it is UX, Second to second or workflow.

Starting as a copy text writer in an Ad Agency, I was early exposed to creative Idea development in a Team environment.

With my experience I can help you shape your Vision and sharpen the scope of your Project into a more coherent Product.

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