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Bsc 3D Computer Animation

Gaming since 1982, working as Graphic Designer and Copy text writer before I realised in 1999, my dream of working in Games could come true. Here I am after 20 years living that dream.

January 2017 - present

Freelance Level Designer

Next Games, Helsinki

" The walking Dead No Mans Land"

Top-Down, Turn-Based

- Creating missions based on Scripts of “The Walking Dead” TV Show

- Designing mission content for different game modes


March 2020 - March 2021

Freelance Level Designer

Lightheart Entertainment, Helsinki

"Mr Autofire"

Action Sidescroller

- creating Missions for special event dungeons


January 2019 - November 2020

Freelance Game Designer

Unicorn Pirates, Helsinki

"Idle Cat Stars" and unreleased Projects

Idle Games

- Improving UX and FTUE

- Designing Game progression

- Feature design and documentation

- mentoring of Junior Designers


January 2015 - January 2017

Senior Level Designer

Next Games, Helsinki

" The walking Dead No Mans Land"

Top-Down, Turn-Based

- Creating, implementing and optimising:

Level design pipeline, mission structure, guidelines

- Designing a visual scripting tool

- Team Lead

Designing features, managing team of artists, coders and designers 

  - Continuous analysis of user feedback and data to improve the game


November 2013 - October 2014

Level Designer, Hamburg

"LP Recharge"

3rd Person Action

- Redesign of existing maps, creation of new missions

- Creating guidelines for map development

- Designing new tools and workflows for the level creation

PC IOS/Android

October 2011 - August 2013

Level Designer

Ticking Bomb Games, Hamburg


Top-Down, 3rd Person-Ship-Action

- World building; from design to final product

- Quest design/writing and implementation

- Design, creating and prototyping of PvP modes and maps

PC Browser

December 2010 - Juni 2011

Level Designer

49Games, Hamburg

"Winter Sports Feel the Spirit"

3rd Person-Racing-Game

- created Tracks and prototyped Levels for new game modes

- 3 Tracks from initial design to final stage;

Snowmobile, Downhill, Para Skying


March 2010 - July 2010

Level Designer

Games Foundation, Hamburg

"The Kore Gang"

3rd Person Action

- Level Design, scripting, bug fixing

- Finalising of gameplay and assets “The Kore Gang”

“Best Family Game Lara Award 2011”

Nintendo Wii

February 2008 - January 2010

3D Artist/Level Designer

Snap Dragon Games, Hamburg

"The Kore Gang" other Wii tiles

3rd Person-Action

- Setting up Levels implementation of Assets

- LUA Scripting and designing of features

- Modeling, texturing, animation props

Nintendo Wii

July 2007 - February 2008

QA Tester

49Games, Hamburg

Sport Games

- Bug tracking, LOT-Check


March 2006 - November 2006

3D Artist

Emerging Entertainment, Hamburg

"Azentas World"

3rd Person Action

- Modeling, texturing, animation props

- Creating UVs and textures(normal, bump, colour) for main characters

- Designing the Environment for Prototype

- Implementing assets in Gamebryo


May 2005 - February 2006

3D Artist

Inverse Entertainment, Hamburg

Racing-Game, 3rd-Person-Action

- Modeling, texturing, animation vehicles/props

- Implementing assets in Gamebryo



BsC 3D Computer Animation

University of Wales, Swansea

- 3D Modeling, texturing, animation focused on short movies

- Particle animation and MEL Scripting

Autodesk Maya

January 2007 - July 2007

3D Artist/Level Designer, Hamburg


- Building of a City Environment with props for a Java based First Person Shooter

- Designing the Environment and preparing all Assets for the Engine.


Track Record

Mr. Autofire(2020), Lightheart Entertainment, Level Design
Idle Cat Stars(2019), Unicorn Pirates; Game Design
TWD No Mans Land(2015), Next Games; Level Design, Game Design
LPRecharge(2014),; Level Designer
Kartuga (2013), Ticking Bomb Games; Level Designer
Winter Sports Feel the Spirit (2012), 49Games; Level Designer
The Kore Gang (2010), Snapdragon Games; Level Designer /3D Artist
LARA GAME AWARD "Best Family Game 2011"
Das Duell - Männer vs. Frauen(2010), Snapdragon Games; 3D Artist
Crazy Chicken Atlantis (2008), Snapdragon Games; Artist
Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge (2008), 49Games; QA
Biathlon 2008 (2007), 49Games; QA
Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge (2007), 49Games; QA
Night Squad 2 (2007),; 3D Artist/Level Designer
Azentas World (2006), Emerging Entertainment; 3D Artist/Level Designer
Alarm fuer Cobra 11 (2005), Inverse Entertainment; 3D Artist

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