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Design Work

Designing worlds is my passion. The combination of technical limitations and creative freedom is were I thrive.

Level Designer

The Walking Dead No mans Land IOS/Android

I joined the Pre Production team and have helped it develop over the last 6 years from a MVP into a globally successful mobile game:

Downloads: 22+ M

LTR: 130+ M 

My responsibilities consisted of  

  • Implementing and evolving the level design pipeline

  • Designing and maintaining a node-based scripting solution

  • Creating and implementing hundreds of beloved missions over the years

  • Leading a Team to implement new Features, as well as guiding and mentoring of Junior Designers.


Game Designer

Idle Cat stars IOS/Android

mobile game based on quirky cats and their shenanigans. Stopped in Soft Launch.

My responsibilities consisted of 

  • Designing Features

  • Guiding Junior Designers; developing Features and balancing Economies workflow.

  • Balancing and implementation of Features; improving the FTUE and UX.


Level Designer

Mr Autofire IOS/Android

A side scroller Action Shooter , comparable to "Archeroo".

My responsibilities consisted of 

  • Creating Mission content for Events

  • Missions for World 9

  • Prototyping and creating of new Content


Level Designer

The Kore Gang Nintendo Wii

A 3rd Person Action Game for Nintendo Wii. I joined the Team as Artist and changed my role into Level Designer over the course. This Game won the “Best Family Game of the Year” the year it was released

My responsibilities consisted of 

  • Implementing Assets and Designing and implementing of Gameplay into several of the Worlds

  • Scripting with LUA

  • Solely responsible for Polishing and Bug fixing of Levels for Release


Level Designer

LP Recharge IOS

A 3rd Person Action Game based around the Band “Linking Park”. Originally on Facebook, I joined the Team when it was ported to mobile.

My responsibilities consisted of 

  • Rearranging of missions to make them mobile compatible; improving readability and UX.

  • Designing new Missions and content for new Gameplay features.


Level Designer

Kartuga Browser

3rd Person Action Game with Pirate Ships as Characters. My responsibility consisted of

  • Creating World Areas and Quest Locations

  • Quests from Idea to implementation

  • Prototyping PvP Environments for different Game Modes


Level Designer

Wintersports 2012 Multi consoles

3rd Person Action Winter Sport Game for PC and Consoles. 

My responsibility consisted of

  • Prototyping of new Game Modes

  • Designing and producing Racetracks for several Game modes, from prototyping to final polish.

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