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Artwork 2D and 3D

Since I can remember, I liked to draw. I have extensive experience with creating Artwork and visualizing my ideas, whether it is on Pen and Paper in 2D, or digital and in 3D Programs.

2D  Icons

Clip Studio Paint

Icons for a personal Project I created in Clip Studio Paint.


3D Modelling hard surface

Autodesk Maya / Pixologic ZBrush

Personal Projects I created over the years.


3D Modelling low Poly Character

Autodesk Softimage

A Character I created for a modelling test.

3D LowPolyChar.png

3D Artist "The Kore Gang"

Autodesk Maya

Working as Level Designer I needed a Safe, so I modelled, textured and animated one.


3D Artist "Das Duell Männer und Frauen"

Autodesk Maya

In close collaboration with the Game Designer, I designed, modelled, textured and animated several Party Games.

3D_Das Duell.png

3D Artist

Short Movie "Emotions Unltd"

BsC 3D Computer Animation

Auotdesk Maya / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Photoshop

Scenes from my Short Movie, created for my final year Project. "Emotions Unltd".

Who do we talk to when we talk to ourselves. Created and animated in Autodesk Maya.


3D/2D Art
CGI Beginnings

Autodesk Maya / Adobe Photoshop

One of my fist CGI Images. I modelled the Tank animated it over a short clip, took a Screenshot and added dust and effects in Photoshop.

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